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Jan 10th: Please donate to the Queensland Flood Appeal. Thousands have lost everything, please give generously, thank you. ... Jan 3rd: A new version (1.0) of the plugin Referral Master was just released! ... Nov 9th: A new version (2.2) of the plugin Poller was just released! ... Nov 8th: PACKAGE SALE!!! Best On Show now $45 which includes NewSurfer, Payout Co-ordinator and UpgradeMaster. Save $55 - Limited time! Click here ... Nov 4th: A new version (2.8) of the plugin New Surfer was just released!

Queensland Floods

Since December, Queensland, Australia has been affected by some of the worst flooding in history. Thousands upon thousands have lost homes, cars, businesses and even loved ones. Millions of dollars has already been raised as donations to these poor people trying to live through this horror, but the unfortunate truth is, it's going to take billions for the state to fully recover. Some news stories on floods:, And some videos @Google. This news is close to my heart as I live in Bundaberg Queensland, one of the first to experience this flooding at Christmas time. And it's still happening in other areas of the state weeks later. Any help you can give would GREATLY be appreciated! If you donate something, please let me know in my forum and I will definately show my appreciation to you for your efforts!

Queensland Floods, 2010-2011

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